Install Aerolite

Installation of Aerolite

We are experienced Installers of Aerolite roof insulation, having been in operation in Cape Town and surrounds since 1999. We will have your home insulated in no time. Contact us for a free quote and expert advice on improving your home comfort.
We can install Aerolite in new or existing homes.

Did you know?

A regular home looses up to 30% of its energy through the ceiling in winter and gains a similar amount in summer. So why Aerolite Insulation?


A home can gain or lose up to 30% of its energy through the ceiling. Aerolite acts as a barrier to this energy either escaping or penetrating your home. Installing Aerolite in your ceiling will result in a more consistent temperature in your home all year round.


Aerolite is a thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation solution that reduces the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment, offering a payback in less than 2 years with continued savings thereafter, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.


Aerolite is manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards and is SABS certified (SANS1381-1-). It is produced from a combination of naturally occurring minerals such as silica sand, which is a sustainable resource, and up to 80% recycled glass.


Aerolite is environmentally friendly, non-combustible, offers excellent sound absorption, energy savings and is easy to install in your home. Our new fibre technology also ensures a much softer surface than before, making it more user friendly.

Save Money!… Save Energy!… and be a living part of making our planet a greener place for all.


The thermal performance of bulk insulation products is measured by their Thermal Resistance or R-value. The R-value is the ability of the product to resist the transfer of heat and is the most important factor when selecting thermal insulation. The higher the R-value the more effective the insulation. In the Cape region it is recommended that you install 135mm Aerolite, which carries an R-value of 3.38. Contact us for a free quote and expert advice on improving your home comfort.